Come To ✠ Comino

Malta's Smallest Inhabited Island

✠ Flora of Comino ✠

The karst landscape supports an interesting array of plants and shrubs. Comino is characterised by plants favouring the garigue environment which dominates the island – flattish rocky limestone with fissures and hollows in which certain plants can get a hold. What follows is a list and short description of a selection of plants that are fairly easy to spot in the garique and typical of it:

Other plants including trees to look out for on Comino include: African Tamarisk, Lentisk, Aleppo Pine, Chaste Tree, Carob, Giant Fennel, Wild Artichoke, Boar Thistle, Branched Asphodel, Sea Squill, Fat Hen, Sand Crocus, Yellow Wort, Blue Pimpernel, Blue Stone Crop, Horn-of-Plenty, Golden Samphire, Bellardia,Wolfbane and up to six kinds of orchids.